[Bug?] I finished the Goblins Quest and still my map is still at war (Also, I'm using ACE)

After playing for a while, the Goblins quest started, and I understood that the world went into “Under Siege” because of the quest, but for some reason, even after I defeated Warchief Oghar Norwind, the game is still in Under Siege, and this is becoming a problem, because my resources like Stone and Wood are running out, my village inventory is full and I can’t get new Settlers in this mode, this is being hell already

I am using the latest version of the game along with the latest version of Ace plus here is my list of mods I am using: Steam Workshop::My Actual Modpack

I doubt that what is happening is a hardware problem, but I have a GTX 1070, with an Intel I7 3rd generation processor and 16GB of Ram

I forgot to put the screenshot, sorry

Wait, the Under Siege should “go away” as soon as you defeat Ogo Skullbonker… It was never added for the Orc campaign :thinking:

You meant that you’ve endured it for several days (long after Ogo) all the way to the Orc chieftain?

That was bugged already :jubilant:

Question: did you defeat Ogo in battle or did you use the Chiming Bells?

Also, when did you face off against Ogo?
I mean, how many days (IRL) ago? Was it the current version of ACE or a previous one?

Damn, so it was supposed to be over since Ogo? Oof…

Current version of Ace, direct from Steam as I said in the list

And I defeated Ogo in battle, for some reason the bells didn’t work

And it’s been a couple of days since I faced Ogo