Bunch of Small Issues

Small issues. AI late game just about breaks. My people hardly perform any tasks. Tasks get locked up and they wont actually complete the tasks. The ladder system for building is still as bad as it had ever been. Some times they wont path to ladders when hungry resulting in a death or having to waste more time placing more ladders that lord knows when it will be done. The actual amount of building placement needs to be raised cause I cant make a real town at this point. I have plenty of inventory space but my people seem to refuse to really gather anything outside of the town area. My screen has been filled with “loot” icons cause they NEVER grab loot unless it it the very last thing around. Also is it just me or do enemies only spawn when your patrol is farthest away to guarantee a person dies. The building UI breaks almost every blueprint I make. Late game just seems to break really… I have 27 guys and I cant do anything. Nothing gets done. All that happens is farming and VERY slow building. Please figure out something to make late game fun again. I will have small complaints/bugs to toss as I remember them.
-Just had the attack command not work at all so my patrol ended up letting the town die cause they wouldn’t do their job.


I’ve had some more substantial settlements than the one you’re describing, and not run into all the same issues. Don’t get me wrong, at one point or another I’ve seen everything you’re describing, but not recently, and not with a town that small.

What kind of hardware are you playing on? I would be willing to bet more than anything that you’re running out of system resources and things are starting to slow down. If you don’t have enough RAM or your CPU is overwhelmed then you’ll be hard pressed to watch the AI do much of anything.

Thanks, that really could be it. Though if I just refresh things or reload it can fix it. Just annoying when you can’t make your men attack. Even after I down sized my town though It didn’t help much. Still been waiting almost 2 months for a building to get done. If I suspend every job aside Hauling things start getting done after a few days of that. Love the games aside my comp being unable to handle late game.
-When the town people are putting up the ladders for the building why don’t they just make the ladders to max height instead of one level at a time? I would guess it is cause of scaffolding but seems easier on everything if they just built up instead of one layer over and over.
-Cant wait to see more engineer things.
-Add a form of priority for building or jobs for workers :3
-Hard Mode is hard :slight_smile: