Buildings don't update new pivot when changed and saved as templates

Sometimes you want to take something made in an old template, modify it and re-save it to use it later. But they don’t change their center point when saved
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a building
  2. Save it
  3. Use that template and modify it
  4. Save it again
  5. The new template will still follow the “center point” of the old building and no longer centered based off the new one
    Expected Results:
    Buildings will update their center pivot when modified
    Actual Results:
    They do not
    Version Number and Mods in use:
    Alpha 16-18(has always been this way as far as I’m aware)

Hey @Aviex, I can’t repro this in the latest Alpha 18 build. I have a tiny building that is 5x5 + walls. I added stairs on 2 sides, and saved the template with a new name. I then went back and attempted to place the new template, and the cernter point did shift to where I expected it.

I can try to recreate when I get home in an hour or so.

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I can tell you what I did to create it.

I made 2 towers(buildings) and then connected them with a road to make them the same building.

Then I saved the template.

Later on I decided i wanted another tower, but my template only had the two together.

So I placed the template, removed one and then saved the new template.

When i went to place this singular tower it still had the pivot point of the 2 towers.

Using a road, didn’t try that…give me a few!

And now I can repro it!


  1. Create 2 6x6x6 slab structures with road between.
  2. Save template.
  3. Place template a second time
  4. Remove one 6x6x6 structure and the road.
  5. Save new template.
  6. Place new template.

Paging @not_owen_wilson and @yshan.

Glad you got it! :slight_smile:

I fixing up building was one of Radiant’s main priorities, so one bug squashed is a step closer to it being 100% complete :smiley:

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Don’t get too far ahead! All I’ve done is reproduce the bug. TR still has to determine the cause and implement a fix!

I think there might be a problem when linking two buildings together and then modifying them later.

Any 2 buildings linked by a road or what not, saved then modified and saved again should have this problem.