[A17-r593-r610] Stairs not rotating correctly when placing and building templates

Summary: Templates saving incorrectly

Steps to reproduce:

  1. design
  2. save
    3)place saved templates

Expected Results: Saved templates are expected to be exactly the same with the original one

Actual Results: “deformation”

Dark-grey crenellations are all built by accumulating blocks rather than generating

the right one is the original structure while the left one is the place template

inside the original structure

inside the placed template, the stair is in the wrong place, the stair location CAN fix itself after restarting and replacement

another error template, but restarting DOESN’T seem to work here

and another “deformation”

this is what it looks like in the template UI picture

when it’s placed

the wall become invisible thus decorations are in the wrong places, the right structure shows the original look when I choosing location to build the template. WON’T fix itself after restarting.

Attachments: Templates: templates.zip (79.2 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use: r_593 no mod

System Information: no error

btw, in spite of bugs, many problematic buildings are buildable now :grinning: glad to see the improvements and always love you guys.


Thanks for the template, @Iviaca!!

Another sample for @not_owen_wilson :slight_smile:

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Stair wells not facing the correct way in custom builds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make new structure with stair way.
  2. Rotate stair way during design time by pressing , or . I placed an open bottom type stair case as well. 3x7
  3. Save structure.
  4. Place new structure. The building will look correct in tell you place it then the stairs will turn back to the original orientation like you never hit the , or . keys.

Expected Results:
Stairs should be facing the way you designed them

Actual Results:
Stairs turn back to original settings.



Version Number and Mods in use:
Release 593 64x

System Information:

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also noticed this as well. There seems to be caused errors as it “eats” into floors and other existing tiles as well.

turned to using slabs instead until this is fixed.


  1. Created and built a template using a staircase from the template menu.
  2. Second time I built the building I rotated the template in the landscape before clicking build.
  3. The Hearthlings built the building but put the stairs sideways on so now they are not useable and the top is in the wall.

Expected Results:

Expected template to reproduce the same outcome irrespective of where the building was placed.
Actual Results:
Staircase incorrectly built, possibly doesn’t recognise rotation?


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17 610 x64 Not using any mods.
System Information:
Windows 10

I have the EXACT same issue. This does seem to be at least for me a problem entirely with the new stairs.

Here is an example template.

wallsegmentevenstairs.zip (26.4 KB)
Thanks for the hard work!