Rotate+Move Building Dependency Bug

@not_owen_wilson@sdee said I should post this for you. Don’t shoot the messenger. :stuck_out_tongue:

When you load a building template which contains slabs, rotate it, place it, then attempt to slide the building, any slabs stay put while the rest of the building moves.

Expected Results:
The building, including its slabs, rotates and moves as one unit.

Actual Results:
Slabs stay put while the rest of the building moves.

I’ve confirmed the problem follows the template, so I won’t confuse the issue by including a save. Here’s the building template:
b01r864-rotate-move-template-bug.7z (12.9 KB)

Bonus Bug!
Crenelated roof patterns really don’t like rotation much. If load this template, flip it (rotate it twice), then place the building, it borks the crenelation pattern. Note that everything looks fine til you actually place it:
b01r864-crenelation-rotate-template-bug.7z (12.2 KB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
b01r862 vanilla

System Information:
Win10 x64

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