Building Templates having no beds

Nearly all of the large building templates, with plenty of room inside, have no beds in the template. Is this made to be for a reason or is this a kind of mistake?

I believe it’s so that the player can easily assign the bedrooms as they see fit – in the small buildings there really aren’t many options for which room will have a bed; but in the large buildings there could be all kinds of different rooms and the building might not even be used for living space at all.

Having to delete unwanted beds from the blueprint is more annoying than having to add new beds where you want them, and the same goes for other furniture too.

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I really like having the blueprints devoid of furniture, so I can lay it out myself. The exception is the dedicated housing/eating buildings.

Though the potters house annoys me as the potters wheel defaults to inside the house, I always move it to the outside so I can put a bed inside!

I understand the process of being able to assigning the beds to certain citizens, though I think the ability to add beds into the structures would be a good addition, if not that, the ability to remove the roof to add beds. Just thoughts and what not.

You could easily edit the templates. Edit one for the first time, add the beds/furniture as you see fit. Save and use that template

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I have a couple of templates made, but for me, sometimes I like to switch up the number of beds accordingly to the number of citizens I have. Just more of an easier function for quick building rather than taking the time to build a more suited structure through the building editor. Either way, I can easily do the latter, just thoughts and what not

I thought you can place a template, then select it again to edit it (and thus put beds in)

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You can. And edit it and save as many different variatons as possible