[A7] Is there a way to edit the Building Plans?

It’s always possible to make beds and get them placed, but is it possible to edit the House Designs so they never contain any beds in the first place?

For that matter, is it possible to make a house plan that can then be saved to the design library, as the Standard House Designs can be?

Yes, to both questions.

you can edit the saved house plan from type of roof to walls even strip it down and add to it. you can erase the items if you want too.

you can design your own building and save ti as a blueprint too. if you have the items and it lets you place in the design before build and you save it, it will save all to that plan to be used later or again


i noticed though, that if i go to take out a mean bed from the building thats already built, i cant place another bed there because its in the template, wanted to put a comfy bed in thier places…

Yeah i think that is still considered bugged at the moment


Not sure if it still works but after you build a house and take out that mean bed, you get this ghost image of it. If you want to get rid of that image you just have to open a build menu of a building and erase that bed. Worked for me in some older builds.


thanks ill try that then

I find that in [A7], I can delete the ghost bed for a given house, allowing me to place another type of bed there. However, this changes if I get a ghost bed of, perhaps, a comfy bed. There doesn’t seem at present to be a way to get rid of ghost beds that are not part of the plans.

If the methods above doesn’t let you do that, perhaps you can try destroying the ghost bed.

If you can select the ghost, it might be doable. Select it, and press the “~” tilde key (that will open the console). Write “destroy” (without the quotes) and that should delete the ghost. Press “~” key again to close the console.

Nevertheless, there are still bugged things out there, as it’s mentioned some posts above, I’m not 100% sure this wouldn’t cause any problems…

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OMG, thank you! :smile:

Yes, using console commands isn’t necessarily without risk – in any game.

Um, okay, I think I know how to add a house plan to the list, now. Thank you for that.

How do I access the existing house plans for editing? If I click the button at the bottom of the Build menu, it assumes I mean to design an all-new house instead of editing an existing plan. Or is the key to memorize the way a building is designed, design a copy without beds, and then save the design?

I’m hoping you don’t mean I should memorize the house design for copying, btw.

So you mean plop a plan down and then edit before build? I don’t think you can do that, you can only add items such as windows, doors, and beds. I think once you have it down, since you didn’t add walls and roof you cant remove those. You can change the color and style of them, that’s it. Maybe later in Alpha Builds you will be able to do that.

So make sure to build a custom building the way you want it before you save it. Or you could just build a floor plan and save that.

I know what your wanting to do, and I get it. Like build this hallway and then maybe a room. Then add the two together. maybe later when they might add that.

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That’s funny. That’s not what I had in mind at all, but I like the modular structure idea. I started to wonder if such a thing might actually be possible, but then I remembered the bug which keeps buildings from getting too close to each other – including sidewalks. I’ll have to give that its own post, elsewhere.

I mainly wanted to edit the existing building plans so they didn’t include beds, and then I could put in beds of whatever sort I wanted, trouble free.

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Well you can delete items in it with eraser tool yes. then plop your own in after the build

The work around, this was in alpha 6 i haven’t tested 7 yet on modular. Build the floor and reverse the walls (Have to use the seperate wall icon to do that) so the border is in the inside of room. they will connect that way. I don’t know how it will affect items and such yet to that

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