Is it possible to edit building designs?

New player here - just started designing a building but decided i made it too small. I managed to “undo” the furniture placement but how do i delete the walls and floor so i can edit them to different sizes?

Am playing with the latest dev build from steam


edit : is it also possible to delete the entire design so i can do a new one in the same place?


can you save your custom designs?

Open the console with Ctrl + Shift + c
Select the object ti delete
And write in the console: Destroy

thanks for your help

hey there @doctoxic, welcome to the discourse :smile:


and yes.

after clicking “finished editing” this UI should come up,

clicking remove should remove the ghost template from the world, and clicking save will bring up the option to save your custom building as a template.

while using the console to destroy it is an option, there have been a few cases where the console messed up the game, so instead i would suggest doing it the normal way.

hope that helps.