Is it just me or is it better to build simple, empty structures


Is it just me or is it better to build simple, empty structures… and then fill it with what you want after it’s built.


One exception is if you wanna try and … cheat? … to place things so they kind of clip into the wall. Like so you can fit more beds into a small space; for example. However you do at your own risk as it may not finish building!


the problem with this is that its harder to place things inside a building after its complete… at least if its a multistory building… though this will eventually be fixed with the building changes.


True enough; it’s tricky how you have to zoom way in and tweak the camera just right sometimes. Although I’d rather do that and it’s sure to be placed… than roll the dice on it being a required component to finish a building which ends up holding the whole project hostage.

I agree; I’m sure these things will be ironed out


I tend to build mostly simple 1-2 story buildings that I know will build because furnishings, if placed too early, can interfere with ladder placement. I have my little templates that I use and I’ll change up the wall and floor colors as needed.


I generally build empty templates as well – partly because I like to decorate with the best/nicest possible items, and it’s easier to do that on a per-building basis than rely on a template which might include items I don’t have in stock.

I haven’t previously had any difficulty with placing furniture inside pre-constructed rooms, if anything I’ve found it more reliable. Often times a desk or bed placed in a corner/against a wall will clip slightly into the blocks without issue, but during construction that can prevent the entire wall going up. Don’t get me started on wall hangings…

I like to personalise every room, so I don’t mind the extra effort; but I’m sure some of us appreciate the convenience of templates that include furniture. Here’s hoping the new building system addresses these concerns. A good place to start might be to ensure that all furniture is held until after wall and roof construction is finished though – it’s one less thing for the AI to get confused over!


I like to decorate it before because I use the auto-queue so crafters automatically craft the needed items, as I do not keep furniture in stock.


What I keep running into with that is crafters making high quality items then builders don’t grab them. So the whole building is held up. I come back later and see it’s pending a couple of items. So I queue them up… and still the damn builders won’t finish.