Building part suggestions

just a few building part suggestions based on new video. these would be to help varry buildings and allow for some more creative design.

1. ladders

would come in three types. wall (current) hanging, and metal. these would be perminate versions of the current ladders and can be used to accent buildings. bellow are the concepts for the three.

temporary ladders
placement: along walls, require a support at the top and bottom. useful for towers and other buildings quick to take down.

hanging ladders. made with twine and logs hanging ladders are placed at the top of their build point and “unroll” town ot the bottom of their point up to 12 blocks bellow. these are great for watch towers as they can be rolled up by a hearthling to disable use.

metal ladders: made by a black smith these ladders have a one wide base and are two blocks tall and two blocks wide. these are made to be perminate and only require a base. hearthlings can stack ladders until tehy hit something on the roof.

info: these copper pipes are used to move water from one place to a next. when connected to a water source they can be linked with valves and other items to give your hearthlings water works and plumbing (decorative?)

types of pipe

copper pipe: placed like any other cube connects to eachother. allows water to flow through. right now works as iff you where to digg a one cube hole from one location to another.

copper pipe pump: pushes water upwards, great for making water fountains.

ccopper pipe valve: turned to stop flow of water.

shower: hearthlings will use this to clean them selves before sleep having one of these hooked upto a pipe with water will improve there happyness.
note: is crafted with copper pump, stone, and either leather (brown curtain) or cloth (white/blue curtain)[crafted by engineer]
(yes this sort of stuff existed in the bronze age, though warm water was harder to get)

outhouse: nothing says a village like a private place to well poop, yeah I know it is immature to think about but if this is about the hearthlings might as well give them needs out side of just eat and sleep. (crafted by wood worker, or pottery maker)

3.CLOTH blocks
info: blocks that are 1/3 the thickness of standard building blocks these are desgined to make either roofs or walls that have a "flow about them. note cloth blocks are not solid as walls making them good for doors and as roofs they let in light from outside. (if lighting ever gets overhalled)

rope bridge
info: a simple block type build with wood and twine used to connect areas of buildings up high, hearthlings will build both sides first then throw rope then " thread wood planks. yeah no clue why posting this one would be niche in use and would only be good for bridging small gaps. (used in construction to avoid scafalding between two large towers.