Building not even starting!

I have tried to have a strange set of walls around my farming area and for some reason the building will not even ‘start’ every time I click on the building I get the option to ‘finish editing’…

even if I click finish and click back on the building I told to start building I get the same ’ finish editing’ then ’ build’

here is the save and the template

EDIT: it seems exiting the game then starting it again fixed it :confused:

I get this sometimes as well, not sure what causes it… the AI just doesn’t seem to want to build something.

it was not even picking up that the building was ‘started’

Yup… that just happens sometimes : /. Its rare for me though. Some suggestions on how to get them to start building:

-save/reload (as you suggested).
-try ‘pausing construction’ on your building and then start again.
-try building a ladder which touches the building you are trying to build.

And some preventative suggestions:
-only build one building at a time (don’t build lots of buildings and then unpause).
-don’t have lots of mining or harvesting jobs available for all your workers to do.
-set one hearthling worker to only 'haul, another to only ‘build’, and another to only ‘mine’ - this is surprisingly helpful as priorities often get confused between the different tasks.