Building from the concept art


Reality. So far there’s not a whole lot of major differences or things missing. It’s a bit hard to reproduce the concept exactly without the right terrain, but the basics are all there.

Gives you some idea of how mature the concept of Stonehearth was back during the Kickstarter.


You were able to complete a roof on a multi-story building? Did this change with the Alpha 7 release? Up to now, when I’ve attempted it in my projects, I couldn’t get them to start the roof once the walls were finished.

This could be an interesting revelation…


wow, really well done @jonzoid! +2 internet points for producing such an excellent reproduction! :+1:


I had roofs on mulitstory buildings back in A5. I even had a 3 story warehouse going, but the AI wasn’t interacting with it properly, so I had to abandon it.

That’s some nice work there jonzoid, but seeing the side by side comparison is making it harder to be patient for the game to be finished. :smile:


Yep. I really didn’t have any problems when building anything at all in this game. It was really nice.


In the concept art, the red roof looks kind of… tilesque.
I want this as a roofing material! We might not be able to get that sort of detail, but I really like the color.

I also want the ability to make roofs like that house in the bottom right. The building system has improved greatly, but roofs are still due for an overhaul.

One thing I noticed is that the colors in the top picture are a bit more vibrant. It may partially be the time of day in the bottom shot, but… I don’t know. Somehow this makes me sad. I think the lighting in Stonehearth needs a bit of work: caves should be pitch black, lit only by torches and braziers that should be on underground. Possibly above ground should be brighter/shinier, but we’ve gotten used to the current palette of Stonehearth.

I really like that dirt path in the concept, and I’m sure we’re going to get more road variety soon. But besides variety: it has a design, not just a tiling pattern. I would love if Radiant looked into procedurally generating textures to fit shapes instead of just tiling a pattern: this would also make walls of multi-story buildings look better.

I want those darker wood stairs available as a floor/slab block.

Then, of course there’s the major thing we’re missing: water. I am looking forward to seeing how Radiant handles that.


Looks like you need to upscale it a bit…

but other then that, awesome.

Where are your people?

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Yeah it’s quite a bit off. I need to make a “creative mode” mod to insta-build before having another go at this.

I managed to get this shot right after lunch so everyone is off to the side out of the picture.


Because I can’t be bothered to actually create a mod for this, here’s how to instantly construct roads/buildings using existing Stonehearth debugging tools and no mods :

  • Put down a road or a building. This does not work for mines or ladders.
  • Make sure to have it selected
  • Open the console by typing the ~ character (to the left of the 1 key)
  • type ib into the console (stands for instabuild)


If anyone wants to mod this, search the Stonehearth mod for instabuild.


Somehow I feel this is cheating… :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah well, you know… :smile:

I figured out instamine but I couldn’t get the setting to work. From my understanding, you should be able to append "enable_insta_mine" : true to user_settings.json or call set_config enable_insta_mine true from the console. Neither worked for me.

However, in services/server/mining/mining_service.luac, if you change part of line 6





it happens to work. All that does is defines what the default value of the setting should be if it’s not set.


now do this one XD


For the roads: Use light wooden plank floor, erase the floor in the center of the roads, and build your road on the dirt below.

The roof designs would be impossible, and the castle towers would be difficult. I’ve attempted pretending blue rugs are water, but my game usually crashes afterwards. All banners would be blue, and the statues would be either huge monolithic pillars, or toy bunnies.

A new attempt…

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I’d like to recreate the cityscape, but I kind of wanted more things to put in it, like the crates and banners. Sure, we’ve got substitutes, but I’d also like to plant trees in the same spots, too. Maybe I’ll give it a go in the next build or so.