Recreating Concept Art in Alpha 10

So ever since the first Alpha, I’ve been posting videos of Stonehearth on YouTube. However, I haven’t posted them here because that seemed a bit too close to self-advertising, and I wasn’t doing anything particularly innovative or creative–just testing the new features as they became available.

Now that Alpha 10 is out though, I had an idea. Remember this piece of concept art from awhile ago? It’s used as the splash screen thingy for the streams.
Well, I thought that since most of the features we can see in this image are implemented, I’d try to recreate it in-game. Here’s the montage and results:

I know that there are many, more skilled players who could do this scene more justice, I just thought it was cool that we’ve come so far–this used to be just ideas of what the game might look like, now they’re actual features!

EDIT: Never a new idea under the sun! jonzoid attempted this several months ago, check out his thread! Building from the concept art


amazing work man! i was hoping someone would recreate this once water was added.

also as a side note, you mentioned how the items disappeared when using the loot tool, thats because the hearthlings gain a “backpack” so that they can pick up multiple items when looting a goblin camp :smile:

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Indeed! And I know that the loot tool isn’t technically supposed to be used for non-conquered items. They were just having a bit of difficulty so I had to… nudge them lol. Also, the part of this that bothers me is the fact that the items which are picked up never make it to a stockpile, they just disappear. I’ll make official bug reports in a few days when I’m at an actual computer.

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are you certain? as they go and put all the items in the stockpile once they have a full “backpack” could be that they dont fill it so they never drop it off or something…

That’s possible. Since the footage is so fast, it’s a bit difficult to see, but towards the end when I cleared out all of the dropped ores and stone from the canal, hardly any of it made it to a stockpile. Not sure where along the line the items are getting stuck/disappearing though

absolutely brilliant… I linked it in this evening’s stream and @Tom said, and I quote:

holy cr@p! that’s awesome!

:smile: :+1:


@martyrsvale incredible man! Good work.

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Awesome! I love it. :slight_smile:

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We’re getting closer every alpha!

Nice work. :smile:


Thanks everyone! :smile:

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