Building Error!

This game has so much potential, I fell in love with it even though I can’t run it on my computer, I have to go to a friends house. Anyways… There is an error every time I try building more than one building at a time. They stop working on the one building and go to the next and never finish so I have buildings with scaffolds and ladders still attached, and no way to get rid of them. I know the games uses buildings as a way of progress but maybe if the building than becomes part of the landscape like what minecraft does than it would help with any type of lag and you can still edit the building later on as progress goes on, and a good idea is to have a program separate from the game that allows you to create the buildings so once your in the game all you have to do is place the buildings.

Oh and another good idea! Its really hard trying to make secret lairs in the mountains like advertise, maybe if you can have a way to become one of your settlers to have the 1st person view to be able to do so!