Building Can't Auto-Wall / Causes Major Framerate Drop

Have a building design, that in previous versions could be auto-walled and built. Same design, same everything, but now the auto-wall won’t work, as well as if you move the mouse over the structure with the auto-wall selected, frame rates (for me) drop over 100fps (150+ to 20).

I didn’t know if this were a building the engine won’t build, or if this were a different bug with the major framerate drop.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build pillar design building.
  2. Try to auto-wall it.
  3. Watch your computer cry.

Expected Results:
Walls go up.

Actual Results:

Saved Game (9.2 MB)

Upon removing the structure, an error insued.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Develop-3002 (x64)

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I have experienced this lag when placing walls that you mention, when having a huge floor with lots of corners, I don’t remember the version.

If you say that previously it worked, something must have happened. With previous versions you mean A16? Or earlier?

The last update before A17, so two weeks ago from tomorrow. Haven’t had a real chance to play since then.

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