Laggy Building, false red walls


I have massive lags in building mode for you to fix :slight_smile: It’s no small building, I know, but it’s not that big, either…

I’m planing two seperate buildings at once but the castle lagged before I even started the city. To be honest, I started the second because the first was just plain exhausting like this ^.^ And I get some red walls that shouldn’t be red, but I get that all the time, not just in the laggy building. They tend to get red way after placing them, when I plan completly other parts of the building.
The city doesn’t lag, btw. Just the castle.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I have some mods installed, so grab them before that and also the unstable-work branch from ACE. I already checked with them, that’s not an ACE problem.

  2. When you open the savegame, go to building mode, select the castle and grab a door or something and try dragging it across a wall. Doors and windows lag the most. The red walls that make no sense to me should be already there (see screenshots below).

Expected Results:
Actual Results:
:forlorn: Weird red walls, really laggy building, crazy fps drops. No problems outside building mode, though.

Edit: The red walls are usually gone if you place a single block next to them. I don’t want that, though, looks weird >.<

I monitored my pc recources, SH doesn’t take more that 6,5GB RAM during the lags, it could eat more if needed. CPU and GPU are idling like crazy (around 20-50% usage), so no problems there. I honestly don’t know what else could be a limiting factor.

LaggyCastleSHSave.rar (5.2 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
SH 1.0 r909 (x64 of course)

ACE unstable-work (can’t upload that, zip is too big :smiley: just grab the newest one from their git, they are usually backwards compatible)

System Information:

i7 3820 3,6GHz
nvidia gtx780
16gb RAM


This castle is bigger than you think. When you hit build it takes a while (playing at normal speed) for the builder to finish calculating the building plan.

The red walls seem to be overlapping in a way that the builder dislikes.

if you select one, shrink one side, then stretch it back so that the column is where it should be, I think the red goes away (you might need to try with both sides).

You’ll also have a red area in the stairs when you click on Build. I think you’ll need to remove that ladder first. Hearthlings will know how to start building.


So… you are saying, there is no way for me to improve my building experience? :forlorn:
I didn’t even fully furnished it…

I saw buildings in the steam workshop that are much larger than this, are you telling me, they build that with this issue, too? :open_mouth: I’m serously impressed…


They might have placed the items directly in the correct place and didn’t have to drag anything, who knows.

We’re looking into the lag issue. Are you seeing it more on the shorter walls or on the larger ones?

It could be due to the patterns in the walls, but it might also be something else.

Didn’t notice that much lag when placing furniture on the floor.


No, as I said, mostly doors and windows are a problem, the other items are not as bad. They do lag a tiny bit but I think that much is okay, it’s not a small build after all.
But I just remembered placing singe blocks is also lagging as hell. I didn’t really noticed any difference about different walls and for the single blocks and items, though. I build the outer yard on the left last and the wall for that was a real nightmare. The entire upper part of it are single blocks. You place two and have to wait for it to catch up unless you wanna mess up.