I can force the Game to lag

This is not a bug more a problem which everybody can reproduce, I think.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. plant a lot of oak trees, at least 10 because it makes it easier to produce the lag
  2. wait till they are a 1000 years old :slight_smile:
  3. use the harvest tool on the trees and open up the carpenter crafting menu
  4. when the hearthlings chop down the trees and they wood count is starting to rise the lag will start too.

It seems that the live update of the wood count slows down the game too much.

Version Number and Mods in use:
A20 r701 x64
Stonehearth Café
Patrol Points
Yang & co’s Armoury
Hearthlings of Many Faces
Slabs with terrain colors
Settlement Decor Mod

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Well have you ever build a larger town? Activate the House-Icon once so that you can see inside the buildings but still see the backwall i got a town of medum sice around 15 buildings and when i toggel this mode i get like 18 frames straid down from 60. :sweat_smile:
I have the “new” Geforce GTX 1070 and 4x4GB RAM.
I also think that the spawning of all the wood-icons is causing the lag not the number in the window.

LOL can confirm this, but u can do this with alot of stuff, try it with flowers and crops when farmer pulls them

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Indeed, did try that out too :smiley:

Actually not or it does not feel like it is lagging but when I am in a menu which counts the items, it is starting to lag very very hard.

Yea see what you mean but i think this is less of a problem than the lag you get from toggeling the building view. I mean you can avoid your kind of laag but building without the building view is no fun. I gues you could build in pause mode (helps a little bit) but i sometimes go over my town to see if any hearthlings are stuck in buildings and than 8 fps suck (22 buildings + 1 big and 1 smal townwall + 1 custom building ~size of 3 tier 2). Also all tier 2 buildings come without interior so you need the building view.

The lag when using the building view that shows half of the walls is known, using the other 2 view modes should help a little.