One does not simply build an Sauron Eye tower without copious amounts of lag

Hello Everyone,

Just got StoneHearth the other day and quite enjoy it. And hobbitses aside I ended up creating an Sauron Eye tower. It initially started off as a crafting building, but then I added living quarters and resource floors, and it just kept growing lol.

I furnished all the floors as well and stuff like that. Unfortunately it’s now lagging my save to an unplayable point. Anyone know if we can load these saves in future beta/full versions where they may run better? I made sure to make two saves of before build and after if that helps.

Also I would have probably gone even larger and more detailed, but again the lag got pretty bad lol.


I found 10.5 very stable for building. Early 11, not so much.

Not at all surprised this was accomplished on 10.5.

Pretty wicked.


You were ABLE TO BUILD THAT!?!?!

I’m impressed, and it looks like you put a good deal of work into it!
Hopefully the lag will be resolved in the future - your tower is equivalent to a large town in terms of floor space and walls.

The only solution I have at this point is to either make your tower smaller (slimmer, fewer floors?) or to use custom models and a custom flaming-eye effect (probably not something you’d like to dabble in, but feel free to try!)

You can also try cutting down on extra buildings (e.g. the giant 8-storey one). Lots of large farms slow down my computer a load, but might not have much of an effect on your machine.

Anyways, impressive! Got any interior shots? Are all the floors empty? Did you build it from scratch or did you instabuild? Hope to see more


I have three mainly furnished floors (pics below), three resource floors with light furnishings, and a few I didn’t get to yet cause of the lag. As well I had also planned to make some awesome staircases and a bunch of other stuff. Not to mention expand into a full on city among other things.

I was forced to instabuild the thing, I had the materials but the game wasn’t enjoying it lol. But I made an extra save of before building it for that very reason, plus to add the additional stuff I mentioned.

The building next to it is just a bunch of resource floors, so I just might chop it down to better the lag. My computer itself doesn’t seem to be effected, I was able to run multiple programs without any trouble, just the game itself became lagged (with and without other programs).

However I don’t really want to take it further if I can’t use it in the actual game.


A new title of “The Dark Lord” for you good sir!


wow thats a huge tower. Not that I expect less from Sauron. :smile:

But the huge amount of flames and lights is most likely the cause of the lag, not the building. You see the bar at the lower right being green during the day.


Tower of Mordor, But good job, hate to see your lag.


Beautiful work, congtrats! You deserve the “Dark Lord” title!

Have Fun

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You…are the boss, every time i go to build something remotely custom my villagers shake there fingers at me going "oh no you di’int! in both 10.5 and early 11 which can be hilariously annoying.

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i think that some members of TR need to see this,

paging @sdee @yshan @Tom


as has been suggested, and per @8BitCrab’s request, I hereby bestow upon @Semiavas, the title of “The Dark Lord” … :smile:

well done, my friend! :+1:


it indeed was a deserved title, congrats @Semiavas :smile:


Haha, thanks fellas, I’ll wear it proudly.

And I guess this means I’ll have to build an even more impressive citadel in the future :smile:.
Perhaps take a crack at modding too :3.


I’ll try removing the lights and see if it improves.

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Alright, I’ve decided.

I’ll probably regret not doing this with a full version later on, but because you guys are awesome I’m going to do another build. You’ll have to wait a bit to see what it is, but I’ll give you a hint: N7.


@Semiavas, my husband and I have saved the galaxy from the reapers seven separate times, and this is our favorite Barad Dur on the internet. :wink:

Edit: It’s not playing the game, but if you just want to build things to see them in the world, you can open the console with Ctrl+shift+C, click a template in the world to select it, and then type ib for “instabuild.”