My first extream lag

ok this is the weird lag bug which i never have

basically… if i try to build a castle wall in one set the game pratically freezes:

what happens is when i start to build said wall the frames will drop to around 2-4 per sec, but in between those frames it will freeze for about 1-2 secs… what i suggest is that some how you either give us the ability to do massive buildings in sections (like it is now of course, but with the added ability to add to the same building, rather than building seperate ones) or somehow you get rid of this lag?


Can’t find anywhere to check this, how to you know your frames per second?

well, using third party software does it (mumble for example)

im using fraps and here come the other 20 letters :slight_smile:

oh of course… specs :smiley:
i5 420000s quad core (Intel)
AMD/ATI Radeon R7 240 (1.2 GB Vram)
8 GB ram
Windows 8.1 x64