Low frame rate issue in building vision 2

3 building vision are in game.

  1. show the full building.
    2)Show the building from the side with walls and such.
    3)shows only floor and 1 block from the wall.

Using the Number 2 building vision drop my frame rate significantly.
I can see why number 2 drop the frame rate significantly and number 1 is not but I wonder if its something that will be fixed or its just a very demanding building vision.

vision #1 is the worst for me, the game is smooth as butter in #3. I have a feeling something isn’t optimized properly with 1 & 2, as there isn’t a good reason for the choppyness when there are much more demanding voxel games without that issue.

For me there is only spike, stall a short moment, and then going back to normal when switching the mode.

Basically stalls, you see desktop for a bit, and then goes back to game refreshed. Been getting that a lot lately with a lot of things in this update. I play in full screen. Don’t know what causes it to do that.

I am on the lower spec end though, so that might have some bearing:
NE56R48u (Gateway Laptop model number)

Have not had too much trouble, it just does that every so often. Only been having that sort of thing with A16, as it has not done that since A13; of course A13 was doing something else like lagging after 15 pop, but that is a whole other story that was fixed since then. :slight_smile:

Yeah Its not that much of an issue for me , Tho its really useful to use number 2 and this low frame rate after a while is getting pretty annoying.
Need to check it out see if there is something , so far 3 is the best and 1 right after it with nearly any effect on the fps.

I noticed on mine it lags a ton more at night with the lights on the buildings showing.

the more a buildings shows, the harder it is for the game. Building view 2 is the hardest on the system because it shows the entire inside, including any villagers walking in and out as well taking effect when you move or rotate the camera to change accordently. the thirt view is easy’st because it shows less