【Building】Ali'imalu Kiliona

I’ve recently started making a tropical themed city. I just have the base of it down, but expect cool things coming soon! :smile:


Go for it ! :grin:

Will see how it ends up

When you’re a small island, you gotta get creative when it comes to agriculture.


I’m currently working on expansions of the underground sanctuary for animal pastures :smiley:

The underground portion is looking a lot more expansive.

Sadly it appears either Archipelago+Shepards or Underground pastures+Shepards don’t mix well.

What happened? Are you not able to zone the animals area? I think it is because you have a rock ground. Or is it something else? I know trappers zone doesn’t work in the water cause the game doesn’t allow him to put traps inside other objects and water is one.

I have a dirt ground, and the pastures are THERE… But the Shepards don’t do anything. They seem to be unable to bring animals to pastures that are located on dirt underground.

The animals are spawning?
Your lua was also very high, but I’m guessing it was just the water you were working on.

No animals spawning other the animals for Trappers.

Also my Lua was high because apparently attempted waterfall mechanics make water freak out.(as you can see by the random water effects in the underground pictures.

That must be because the game isn’t finding a suitable place for it. It will not spawn in the water, or at least will try to avoid it. And it will try to spawn at a certain range from your town, which I guess is outside your islands…
So maybe your island doesn’t have the necessary spawn space? :sweat:

It might be the spawn space issue, which could affect the entirety of the Archipelago biome.

Yep, and I’m going to better test these cases. For now, try making a way (ladders are enough) to another island and it should work, the game will recognize the new area as accessible and maybe tries the spawning there.

Yeah there’s only like… 1 island on the map other than the 2 pre-connected bodies I put my settlement on.