Editing placement restrictions And behavior changes

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So what i mean by ‘placement restrictions’ is really the game rejecting you from placing or operating in a area due to any reason

This includes no farming on Rocks, water and slabs, that you can’t build underwater ect

And what i mean ‘behavior changes’, is like the hearthlings speeding up on roads and slowing down underwater and stuff like that

What if i, say, want a entitie(like a merman) act differently? I would like him to move faster underwater, and slower on land, use different animations for moving, carrying and fighting avoid him using land animations like idles underwater, and vice versa

Say, i want a crop that only grows underwater (or bolth if we can’t jestrict it being placed on land, but can at-least be placed underwater) and is exclusive to a race, if so, could i make it possible to have only that one race be capable of farming underwater? And can buld houses underwater?

Is that possible?

(I suppose you can guess what I’m planning here)

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yes its possible - for characters that would be the ai and buffs - like remove or change the streetbuff and change it to underwaterbuff (but its not easy xD)

for crops etc. hmmmm good question xD

crops perhaps when water is implented hydrationrate = 100% restriction - so you can plant it on rock but it will not grow only under or in water where the lvl is high enough ^^

I thought it was possible to plant in the water. And to build underwater. One problem that I notice when building in the water is that it lags a lot, each block placed n the water and the game recalculated all the water volume, which in archipelago is a lot. (Note: I never build completely underwater, only at the shallow (beach), so maybe I’m wrong about this)

I know one more problem with water based play styles. The trapper can’t work in the water, you can zone his trapping area, but he will not place any traps, cause he can’t place it inside other objects (like trees) and water is considered one.

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Sweet! At-least the movement will be possible.

What i ment is that you can’t place fallows under water, t foesn’t have to exclusively grow underwater (though that would be accurate, functionality is first)

Perhaps i can make a job(ex: Submerged Farmer) and have that job have the capability of fallowing underwater and growing said crops?

As far as i know, water only considers terrain as a interactive block

I once tried to make the water from a mountain above flood a moat i was building in a lower level, and i was planning on sealing the hole(2blocks) with slabs, so i can control the water level, but the slabs didn’t block the water

The hole was dug high just in case it was this way, so it was okay, but it does seem like proof that buildings don’t count as something water can interact with, just like furnatur

hmmm there shouldnt be any restrictions at the moment … one mom please xD

edit: nope no restriction at the moment xD

but it will be interessting when the watersystem is completed ^^

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Oh!, i didn’t know you could actually farm there, i thought it was blocked a few alpha’s ago!

While you’re at it, could you perhaps test if you can build underwater too?

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LOL im at the moment at build a small hut xD i wanted to post a pic after finish xD

but this should show that its possible xD

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And also, by saying i placed a block to block water a few alpha’s ago, i just realized that I unintentionally tested it a long time ago

Cute hut though!

lol its the standard small hut xD ^^^^^^^^

so mystical mod / mermaid still possible :wink:

Yes it is!

In-fact, with this knowledge, we could now do MORE!


Personally I feel like any body of water that reaches the edge of the map should be considered expansive, in the sense that it shouldn’t recalculate height, this would open up the ability to flood areas without reducing the water level and would avoid calculations when placing things like building inside it.