Farming works under water

Don’t know if this is a bug or not, but I’m pretty sure it’s not supposed to be able to do. But farms can be placed under water.


plant rice there lol

but yea, water has pretty much no meaning right now. it’ll mean more in the future, and at that point your farmer there should be drowning lol


Maybe we can have fish this way XD

Yea, don’t ask. I live in Melbourne, Australia, Where it can be 30oC and hailing wile still sunny
So this is normal to me xD

Take away this smile !!!
Here in Belgium, it’s f*cking cloudy and rainy with 10°C …

Another thing came to my mind when seeing the picture !!!
What if the hearthlings can produce oysters, molds, … ?

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Please! Don’t correct this! I’m taking advantage of it to simulate rice paddies! :anguished:

Have fun, Kyth.

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great minds, eh? lol

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Confirmed in release 472. Paging @Albert and @yshan, is this intentional?

Water doesn’t restrict anything at the moment (combat, farming, building, eating, sleeping, …) so this is more unimplemented than a bug.

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OK, going to mark as NaB for now…



The game lets you place a farm under water.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a farm under water
  2. Watch farmers till the soild, plant carrots, and grow crops under water
  3. Eat soggy carrots

Expected Results:

Game doesn’t let you put farm at the bottom of a lake.

Actual Results:

Game lets you put farms at the bottom of a lake.


Could maybe add sea-weed and oyster farming to the game.



Version Number and Mods in use:

develop-3023 x64, better stockpiles

System Information:

Commodore 64 (with 128 KiB RAM expansion cartridge)

Ähmmm this is not spongebob xD normally its not possible to make farms under water :wink:

perhaps when they have complete the water engine and add a fisher ^^ or the engineer can produce weir so that the farmer can cultivate something …

power to the rice fields :slight_smile: good to know you can farm water area’s. I’m seeing a whole bunch of city building options :slight_smile:

Placing a campfire is also possible underwater, and the Hearthlings will even lit it and sit around it. Not sure if writing letters is possible underwater, tho.

that is what i mean with complete the water engine :wink: at the moment its also possible to build bikini bottom :wink:

I can just image someone is going to build a complete town underwater, then one day load their game after it’s fixed, and all of a sudden, everyone is drowning.



ahh i have found it ^^ @derBhaal has already tried this in an old alpha xD


I found this on another report:

Let’s wait until they improve the water system :slight_smile:

Edit: just merged both reports, they are the same.