I love people underwater!

Hey there! I just wanted to make a new world to just get some simple graves for an art project and I just found out that you can place the Camp standard underwater. I just wanted to tell you about^^ I think that’s a fun gimmic^^ (Btw would it be possible to build an underwater city? O.o)

Easiest graveyard that I ever got xD


Ps: just found out that you can do that^^

reminds me of spongebob

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Your thread title made me lowered my guard…
Now my sides hurt… Laughing :joy::laughing::grin::sob:

Gimmick indeed xD.

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Your guard? What’s that I never heard that this is a part of a humans body xD

Jeah… sadly they didnt drown to death so I made a new world where I’ll build an underwatercity… I really have problems with creativity but I guess I can’t resist… :joy:

at the moment i guess it is possible, even though you need a large crate filled with patience to play a game like that! :jubilant:

EDIT: @Hiroyugane_DE this is why, they move extremely slow under water.

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why? O.o

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It’s so funny that, beside for trappers, everyone can live and do their job without ever getting out of the water. Too bad I don’t have a picture of an old town I nicknamed Atlantis.