The flow of water and lava

Hi SH devs :slight_smile:

I have one little question. When will you implement flowing water and possibly lava?


Well flowing water is already in the game. If you dig into a lake you could make irrigation and/or wells.

What you’re thinking of is rivers and lava flows.
I guess for that we’d have to have water generators and water destroyers (same for lava)


Pff waterdestroyers… Just Call your City Atlantis


Wellp… I guess we do need those scuba divers someone else suggested.

naah just build a ladder into the water

What the game doesn’t have is running water. If you dig a hole in a pond water will flow out and the water level will drop accordingly (though it can MURDER your cpu/framerate in the process while it flows). You can even push the water back up again by filling in part of the pond with stone.

What it doesn’t have is sources of refreshing water like rivers, springs, oceans, etc.


and bumps for water and lava , diferent tiers , cooper, silver , gold …

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