Waterfalls, making rivers

I really like building near water (mostly rivers (which are not in the game)) and i love making my town on a safe hill location with some lake/s on top of the hill so that i can make my own river (water flow). BUT in current game version water behaves so weird… like there is no waterfall if i try making it, but instead it showa bubbles flowing in horizontal pozition instead of going down like an actual waterfall. And if i manage to get a river and i try building a path right next to river, the path would get overflown with water and i dont know how to mop it up… so the point of all this is: could you make some buckets or something so heartlings could manipulate with water? And/or make less agressive water, a bit like the water in minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried the river mod, @Klempo_Stifler ?

river mod

I didn’t try any mod yet, I just might now, thanks

nope, the river mod doesn’t help at all :confused:

The river mod just adds river to the map. It will not add waterfalls, or make water flow correctly when you dig an artificial waterfall.

Noticed, can the water get some “makeover”?

Yes, the devs are doing changes to it.

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It’s already being worked on, but it’s too early to say how long that’s going to take them. Rest assured though, the dev team want waterfalls just as much as the rest of us do; they just have to figure out how to make them work nicely :merry:


Thanks for the info guys, very apreciated. Can’t wait to see water working nicely :slight_smile: