Don't go chasing waterfalls

So, I finally got to play around a bit with the water. Naturally I decided to build a waterfall.

Here comes the water from the upper level lake to my little prepared catch basin.

Looking good, although I noticed the upper lake drop a level. Still, it is a waterfall.

So, I step away from the game a few minutes for a completely healthy and not in any way fattening snack and come back to discover…

Yep, the upper lake was drained and water was spreading out across my little town. Don’t go chasing after waterfalls just yet. They are mean little buggers.


heh, this came to mind when i saw this…


They will add rivers, wich means a constant stream of water. that will mean you can make cool waterfalls in the future.

and when I saw this, i got the idea that this means you can use water as a weapon against goblin.

to flood their camp :smiling_imp:


Let me guess, you too play Dwarf Fortress? (altough there its often Magma that floods)… :wink:

:laughing: this reminds me of when I tried playing minecraft, yes… looks like a tap was broken