Infinite but Contained Water

Well, 25-ish hours into the game and I love it… Can’t wait for more. Recently I have been working with water a great deal and trying to work waterfalls into my village, but they always dry up. I suppose I am wondering if the devs plan to create a water system that incorporates infinite water springs that won’t overflow and flood the whole world. :stuck_out_tongue: So, some kind of water spring that forms to containers so that I can have persistent waterfalls that I can make to fit into a lake bed that I’ve dug up. I noticed that someone made a mod like this, but I’m not sure if it really works or if it’s stable. Thank you for any response! :slight_smile:


All the features of water has yet to be implemented. However, the next bit of water shoukd be added in Alpha 11 if I remember correctly, and that includes rivers and waterfalls.


welcome to the discourse @witts11 :smile:

the devs are working on adding all the water features into the game, which include infinite springs, and sink holes, rivers and much more


Wonderful, wonderful news! Thank you both! :smiley:


Your welcome, hope you enjoy the game and look forward to Alpha 11

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for me at least water should come from under mineable ground springs, and flow upwards if they are not coming already from a river and such, considering that rivers should have a stream that could potentially harm your earthlings if they cannot swim or havent learned