Update: Rivers + Auto fill up up in progress?

I already saw some Infos about implementing rivers in the game. Anyone can tell me if the Developers are planning to integrate them in next Updates?

For now it’s impossible to have a nice city with waterfalls, rivers, and other stuff like this with limited Water resources on the Map. I really can’t understand why Lakes don’t fill themselves when the level is low.

like i know the dev who implents the water is now back from uni and will work again on it - but i dont know if it will be in the next release … i dont think so ^^

and for the fill i think this will come when weather will be implented because water cant be come from nowhere (expect its a river xD)

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Well, since the map is limited in size it would make sense for the river to come from one of the edges of the map.

Springs/ glaciers would be a cool source for a river.

Springs would be really neat, but I don’t think glaciers can melt fast enough to feed an actual river.

Just need a really large glacier,

Adding @Albert, if only so he can lurk mysteriously :wink:


Or just have all water source blocks constantly produce water, like in minecraft.

The seasons idea is very interesting. Also for the production for food reserves. It would improve the game to a new level of surviving experience :smiley:

Like the game “Banished” where you have to produce warm clothes for the winter season…

Naturally the lakes can’t fill up automatically xD but this can work with rivers and water sources (maybe on the top of mountains… just an idea :grin:)


Would some of the water not come from rain? When water mechanics is implemented the game will allow for some really awesome strategies in combat but also in town design! Even as a resource it could expand the game to new heights.

Yeah! Adding water as resource it’s a fantastic idea!!

The engineer can craft things like drawbridges, watermills, pumps (for fountains…). I read something about this in an other Topic but long time ago.

Adding liquid physics would be a good idea (and then using the same system for water, lava, …). :wink:

Water cycle :o, and maybe make the water all blobby and wavey if you guys want to take the “cute” route :wink:

Water we waiting for? It is water we’re waiting for, ofcourse!

(Sorry, I couldn’t just leave this topic to flow without letting a wet pun splash into the middle of it)

That would be somewhat awkward to implement. Rainwater washes down into the river because of the slopes riverbanks, but in Stonehearth there are only flat surfaces of varying elevation. The water levels could just artificially rise (hard coded rather than simulated) whenever it rained, but that would mean if it rained too often the river would overflow. Normally in real life it just means (due to the sloped riverbanks) the river widens. Unfortunately due to the flat-ness of everything the riverbanks wouldn’t expand, but there would just be a thin layer of water over everything on that ground level.

Also the main source of water for rivers is tributaries, smaller rivers and streams that feed them water directly. Usually only springs directly feed smaller streams, not rivers

There was actually a live stream a while back on which he modeled a set of water pumps and pipes. I would love if the engineer had these rather than the traps and turrets he uses now.

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For sure… But using higher Riverbanks can solve this problem not? Max-level height for example. Personally i don’t think that the rain have to influence the water level in the world. But flowing water can be a great upgrade. The static lakes have only a decorative effect for now but useless.

I’ve seen this video! Yes, a good use for the engineer class. But first and most important thing is to integrate the Water as resource in the game. Example for producing Bread or weapons… After this first step the Pumps and pipes have a function and not only a decorative effect

Or what about requiring hearthlings to drink it? That would cement water as a very important resource early in the game, and the pumps and pipes would be a nice late-game convenience for players who moved their towns further away from a water source. Then rivers and lakes would have a difference in value as well: rivers would be less likely to cause disease, but stagnant lakes and ponds would be too risky.


Sure :smiley: i forgot the most important thing!

It would be an upgrade not only for the engineer but also for the herbalist (needed to heal the sick Hearthlings).

There are so many open possibilities for water!


You’re right, the addition of disease would really help to find a unique role for the herbalist. The engineer could also create a boiler to negate the risk of disease entirely.

Making hearthlings require water would work really well to balance out the game. It would redeem the currently undervalued herbalist, and also give the engineer a civil role to play in the game rather than just being a combat engineer. While many players are criticizing the engineer for his expensive and relatively underpowered defenses, the waterworks would instead become one of his most valued uses and it would, in my opinion, cement the engineer as a valuable end-game class.

Paging @sdee because I doubt many people will see this topic


I agree with you. The engineer and also the herbalist need a more functionally role in the game.

For now the herbalist is only like a step to the higher class, the cleric. With the cleric you don’t need them more. The same problem i see on the trapper.

The engineer for now is useless in the game… you don’t need them really