About Water and it uses in Plantations and other Things

I don’t know if already exists tools in game for water edit. with that you can make props between water canals as you would make in minecraft or in real life I guess… but I think that would make a significant add to the game if with that the props grow faster… allied to this there is the driving force of rivers that could make a good mill to create grains. ( I know that are aready a manual mill that could be made by the cook). But I like that idea and it’s more real world like thing to add. With this the player have to be more carefull if he should start his base in the mountains with the minerals or by the rivers for more fast crop grow and fast food production!

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It seems a lot of people agree with you.

Water-as-resource is on the Trello for Stonehearth. Its pretty high up there in demand, rivers and realistic bodies of water are less so, but they’re both marked as currently being worked on. I’m sure it’ll make it to the Done! column eventually :slight_smile: