Drakken Keep A17

Been a bit busy, But got some time today.

So much lag was happening in my last town i started a new build

Drakken Keep

Worked on environment first to get what i wanted, then just designed the build let hope it builds :slight_smile:


The Building of Drakken Keep

6 hours later
AND no Deaths!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Enlargement of the Keeping, and Images of X-ray. Thanks for the fix on this :slight_smile:


Has the game been changed so water doesn’t run out as much, or are you using any tricks to stop it from running out?

tricks, with slab and after the water is done flowing

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Nicely done, looks awesome.

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Please do elaborate, good sir – is the water actually flowing the whole time, or is it just a ‘skin’ left behind from water that has run out? Are those waterfalls active, or remnants of previous flow?

Your builds with water are incredible (well, more incredible), please share your secrets. When I’ve tried to create waterfalls like that, I’ve broken my game completely… lol

The castle is impressive too, naturally. I love your use of that deep maroon colour as an accent, it breaks up those walls nicely while contrasting against the natural background. There’s a nice separation between the “natural” landscape and the construction works, but the castle doesn’t stick out – it looks like it belongs there.

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Goodlooking! Also, pretty please, upload the world. I’ve been wanting to build around little waterfalls since the beginning, and this is textbook perfect!


I’ll try and see if I have a save w/o the Keep, but just the rivers and falls. If not and don’t mid the keep ill upload that.

The falls and water was tricky to get to happen, i would prebuild the rivers but not let them flow, then use the middle blue as the look for the falls giving a step back to show the flow. i built the rivers to be 2 deep then add more blue on the beds to give the look of deepness. After that the water flowed and i just let the game run till it was done, not to cause lag of course. then it sat on the ground and 2 above level as i use the blocks to make that happen. Also make sure you take one river at a time as it will cause problems trying to do all at once ie laggy or buggy

Just study the waterfall to see what i did.


Oh, I get it now… looking at that angle I can see the difference between the actual water and the slabs. That’s one hell of an optical illusion you’ve created, I spent an hour or more poring over those first screenshots and only now am I noticing the lack of a transparent edge. It’s brilliantly devious and deviously brilliant! The depth illusion works really nicely on the flat sections, but I never would have guessed you used the same trickery on the vertical sections too… the brain sees what it wants to, I guess lol. If there were a lighter blue to more closely match the look of the edge/shallower sections, I’d still be scratching my head! Even the slight bend before the waterfall helps hide the missing lighter blocks, since the shadow creates a plausible reason for them not to be there…

I’m very keen to give that a crack in my own worlds now, although it looks like I’ll have to modify how my waterfalls collect into the stream below (otherwise, with the way I’m making my stream beds, the edges of the slabs will show up easily). Fortunately, I have a local inspiration for a pleasing solution: around here (Queensland, Australia) water tends to form ponds or pools at the base of waterfalls, which gives a perfect opportunity to hide the edges of the falls and surround them with real water to further protect the illusion. I’ve already been digging my falls to flow around rocky outcroppings (it gives a nice fantasy feel, where looks more like an overhang), I can simply set the slabs one space further back so that the rocks around the top and bottom further blend the whole effect together and draw the eye away from the lack of an edge.

That was a really neat and awesome trick, thanks so much for sharing! I’ll hopefully have a nice hamlet to show my plans in action soon; and I’m sure many other builders will benefit from this.


Thanks for this idea. Was playing with water to see what happen if it should end at the bottom of the waterfall and the pool at the bottom ends this size every time no matter the height it drops or the depth of the pools.

After test.

@Micheal any idea on how I can get these “water falls” not to appear. Left side has none, but right side has one and it does not overflow over the whole thing.

You could potentially use a mixture of Micheal’s trick and a real waterfall hidden behind it to get a smooth-flowing fall effect. Basically, mine out your channel and then leave a 1-block-wide space/gap for water to flow down; then build the fake waterfall in front of that. To allow water to flow into that space, mine a small drain which is hidden behind the “step-in” part at the top of the fake falls. The water would effectively be flowing down through a pipe behind the waterfall, so you’d have a lot more control over where it goes once it reaches the bottom. If you want a little bit of spray at the base of the falls, you can have a “rock” splitting the “flow” of the fake fall and then have the pipe come out just below the rock, hidden in the shadow, so that it looks like the water is roiling and splashing around at the base.

The water is always gonna spit outward and depending on the direction it hit the edge first it will sit in that direction. Also adding in block after u have the water spitting does nothing to affect the water at the moment. Now what i did was prebuilt every thing then let the water flow. wait till it doesnt have the effect of the water around w/o the spitting falls, as it will stop flowing. I didnt pipe anything the water actually sits on top of my fake falls. thats it, nothing flow behind them

If your trying to build that fountain fall, i would prebuild the river but do not open it to lake, Hope u have enough area to hold that much water u want to let in. Build in your blockers in the river to a) give deepness and to control the flow of how much water u want to drop. B) to not let it run everywhere. Then build your falls using the blue . cross your fingers u measured right for the amount of water and then open it up to the lake and let it flow. the water will end up stop flowing after awhile leaving the effect of the fake water fall and the water in base of the pool/fountain and the river

Thanks. Found later after I posted that the water spray stopped once the lake level settled. Was not really attempting a fountain here just testing water expansion at the end of the fall. The water in the pic did not rise or expand more than the image shows.

I don’t know if it previously was different ,but my lakes outflow is much more than what is dropped into the new pool. The pool receive a specific amount of “water”. The water level in the lake keeps dropping but the pool does not grow further.

Sorry this went on hold for another project