My Waterfall That Was a Water Trickle

Summary: I found a map with a mountain lake right by a lower lake and was like “Awesome! I’ll make a waterfall that falls into a river leading to the lower lake! It’ll look cool!” Well I made the river and then I dug out the top part but when I released the top lake to make the waterfall this happened.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dig out most of the river.
  2. Release the lower lake
  3. Release the upper lake

Expected Results: Water falls over the cliff and looks pretty.

Actual Results: Water does not fall over the cliff and does not look pretty.

Version Number and Mods in use: A19. mods are Cookmod, Brewerymod, jomaxro doorway mod.

System Information:


Looks like a fun map. Will you share the map seed, please?

How? I don’t know how to find it.

hit Ctrl + C to bring up the console and then type /seed or /world seed or something of the sort.

if you press ctrl-c to open the game console, you can type the command ‘world_seed’ to get the seed.

Ok I’ll go do that real quick

the seed is 1523325540


Thank you very much.

I sure hope the developers made improvements to the water soon.

yeah me too. I would really love to make me an awesome waterfall.

quick question, and we’re getting really off topic here but, how do you use seeds you get from the internet like I just gave you?

Yeah, water is really broken these days for sme reason.

are you ever able to do things like I tried to, or does it always break?

When starting a new game, on the screen where you are choosing a map, it says “World Seed” in the bottom right corner – you can enter any world seed there and press enter and then the map for that seed loads.

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Having a static waterfall is not possible, the water goes down and the upper lake ends up empty. It is not like minecraft, where the water keeps its origin. It is more like terraria.

Even so, working with it is hard. You need to always wait the water settle down before trying to move it again. And it lags a lot…

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I don’t know. My lake is just staying there with nothing to support it. the water is just kinda hanging in the air like it still has a wall there, except a little part of it is trickling and making a puddle, just like you see in the picture. It’s really weird.

Yes, it is bugged. It should have drained down.
Veterans know how hard it is to mess with water, so what they do is save a lot. If something goes wrong, you have backup.

ok, I’ll keep that in mind.

Yup, water tend to be broken alot more lately, so i gave up on it for a bit till they work on it again