Need Diving animation :)

I made my hard working hearthlings a pool to cool off in on their off hours, they do swim (after coaxing) but they ignore the diving board sigh


something for @malley perhaps? :smile:

Haha, awesome! Probably more like something for Chris or @linda. I think we would need the ability to “fall” on purpose, and then I could create an animation for it.


You saying need diving animation, but they can WALK in the water and breathe too :joy:

Their so cute when they swim :grin:

May I suggest that first, we need

drowning animation


hehe, before drowning animation, we need drowning : ).


i would think before any of this they would first need to actually swim… and not just play a swimming animation on the bottom of the water ;D

then again water is still very broken and buggy and still needs proper implementation but when you do… making hearthlings swim like normal people and not endlessly hold their breath at the bottom is a good start ;D

ooh and we need underwater creatures… like sharks,pirahnas,crocodiles ect


Right on Adrianna ; ).

Agreed, or stonehearth versions of those creatures… or maybe a shirahnodile : )


great! ill take a few of those shirahnodiles for my moat… you think they will enjoy goblins ;d?

ooh… actually… speaking of moats… we need a drawbridge in stonehearth (or some sort of movable block pieces so that we could design our own drawbridges)

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I’m sure they would LOVE goblins ; 9.

We have talked about this a lot, but I don’t think we will get back to it until we get back to the engineer. I apologize, but I have no idea when that will be : /.


Some guy suggested old school diving suits that way you would not need new animations just have heartlings take on a suit and walk under water.