[Con] Workers using swim anim on land

I found this bug recently where the hearthlings are swimming on land hovering above the ground no idea how to reproduce or to fix as of yet.


Anyone else remember the days where Hearthlings would glide up or down instead of using ladders?

This seems to be the same category of visual bug, where the game shows the wrong position or animation. However, I think the pathfinding is still working correctly, correct?


those were the good ole days… i shall never forget you magic stair man…

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The swimming on land animation can occur after a load. Oops! It’s already been fixed for the next patch.


Hi there,
I just loaded up A10 for the first time and noticed a seeming bug where workers will sometimes use the swim animation, or just float across the land with arms at rest.
I currently have a couple wooden posts under construction in a nearby body of water,
but nothing else going on.
I dont think I can post an image of this yet though.

thanks for the report, but it already has been reported,

your thread name fits better and isnt as misleading :blush:

[quote=“jaechius, post:1, topic:12243”]
I dont think I can post an image of this yet though.
[/quote]if you post the image to imgur.com or some such place im sure @SteveAdamo would be more then happy to embed it for you :smile:

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agreed… updated! :+1:

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Thanks @SteveAdamo and @8BitCrab
I tried searching for the thread before posting but hadnt thought to add flying to the search ^-^


well it was a bit odd for a name…

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