Builders Stop building after zombie outbreak

So after a wave of zombies came through my workers are just standing around.

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well there is a known bug that workers stop doing anything at night, so it might not have to doi with the zombies, on the other hand that could be the answer to everyone else problemo.


Did you take them off defending? If they are “defending” they will idle all day everyday


Yes I took them off defense mode. The house was partially built and they just sat around after the zombie attack. I threw up some latter to see if maybe there was a spot they couldn’t get to. They threw down two chucks of wood and gave up after that. This points to a possible bug in the scaffolding.

So its definitely a scaffolding issue. They completed the house and left the scaffolding up in a new game. Windows doors all in house completed…scaffolding still up.

Im kinda thinking this could be a feature. I mean, do you work all night?

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I noticed this too, but I didn’t report it as a bug once I realized it was just at night. I assumed it was going to be a feature, cause it makes sense and all, but I didn’t see it on the feature list. So, Bug or No Bug?

So the scaffolding is staying up after the building is complete? Have you tried replicating this by just building a single story, square building? What kind of building was it? Ideally grab a screen if you can, it could be that the builders cannot access one square of the roof or a floor or something, which would cause the scaffolding to stay up indefinately.

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A temp fix for Hearthlings sitting around at night is to pack up the camp fire! Once you do that they work through the night :smiley:

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here is an error for scaffolding!