Build engine limitation led to a few building bugs

Build engine limitation led to a few building bugs

While the AI seemed to have ignored my call for building, they were still placing furniture. As seen below you will see that walls were not being created. I wanted to build a home for my carpenter, however beyond the floor the Hearthlings did not build anything. I had them remove the original structure and replace it with a smaller one INSIDE the foundation originally created. The reason for this is because it would not let me fill in the hole with dirt, as this is a current limitation.

When attempting to build the second home they did not stall with the furniture, but would not continue with the walls. I thought that perhaps because the walls we not on the same Z-level as the blocks approaching and after the build location, there might have been an issue. I dug 1 small hole next to a wall to test my theory and it appears to be accurate.

In this image you can see the initial set up with a Meal Hall being built 1Z level below. The walls would be built on that lowered Z level.


This is better shown here.

Selecting the area for mining:

Mining complete

Building commences.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a home’s foundation and have it removed.
  2. Build a home 1 Z-level down (inside foundation after it is removed) and space new foundation 1 tile away from old foundation size (make foundation same height as ground).
  3. Watch as everything is build except walls and above.
  4. Remove outside dirt so that the new foundation is 2 blocks away, and see building commence.

Expected Results:
Walls being built regardless of Z-level to foundation

Actual Results:
Stalling due to sudden change in Z-level perhaps?

Pictures above

Versions and Mods:
Dev 2650, vanilla; no mods

System Information:
Win10, x64. CrossFire 280X; 4670K; 8GB DDR3; installed on an SSD.

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You’re correct, Hearthlings need an adjacent voxel on the same vertical level as the base of the to-be-built block–this is why the blocks right next to your dug pathway were built, but not the others. I also tend to avoid putting lots of furniture in a building’s blueprint, since it often creates issues in large quantities. Both these issues are things that’ll likely get addressed in the next wave of building improvements.

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It didn’t occur to me that I shouldn’t put furniture into blueprints, really it makes much more sense to because I was having such a hard time getting regular quality chairs.

With the ability to lay down individual blocks in the building design, I tried to raise the floor as you can see in the picture above, however when I laid down a rug it went through the top layer onto the actual foundation.

Well, it’s not that you shouldn’t put furniture in, it’s just a personal recommendation right now. Eventually, the goal is to be able to put together an entire structure and decorate it from the blueprint, but there’s still lots of issues with the function.

Is this caused because they need some space for scaffolding or something?
Or just because it’s 1 level down? :confused:

Hey there @AdultHouseCat, have you experienced this issue in release 472?