Build as many shapes as possible

Hey Everyone,

In Stonehearth Alpha 4 you can build various shapes of buildings. There are so many options that we need your help to try them all out. Could you post shots of your unique floorplans here, especially if you either:

  • really like them
  • found them buggy
    If they’re buggy, does a save/reload fix the problem? Anything else about your building you’d like us to know?

– Stephanie

Edit: Paging in @Tom and @Ponder


My first creation. Love the building of houses. :love_letter:
Remember kids, dont place fireplaces inside wooden houses.
Also it wont create my creature of a roof :disappointed:. Probably because it wont create the scaffolding, because of no walls.


@Miturion, I know how you feel :cry:

My first attempt, and the game crashed before I was able to finish designing my floor. The eraser tool didn’t seem to work, I don’t remember if it was completely implemented or not.

I didn’t overlap the floor sections, but they’re together. And when I tried to use the automatic walls, this happened:

I guess it’s normal, but I didn’t want the wall to fill the inside of the house.
Then, I tried to make the rest of walls manually, with not much success. The roof appeared with the default orientation mentioned in the Desktop Tuesdays, but when I tried to place doors and windows they seemed to overlap with the wall :crying_cat_face: I tried to put another door on the other long wall (the opposite side) but it didn’t let me.


Cross-posting from the other thread:

Couple of pics in my post there of my attempts to break another feature :wink: .


While trying to reproduce a crash bug, I came across this.

To get this, knock out a T-Shape floor, add walls and set your roof to 8 levels before adding it. Now reduce the roof to 2 levels and the extra bits of wall will stay.

Trying to actually build it will cause an endless supply of errors when your villagers try to build wall blocks in the same place as your roof blocks though.


Paging @ponder; another issue for the engineering annals of peaked roofs.


It’s a rabbit house! :scream:


This was originally suppose to be all dramatic and stuff but I reached a point where I couldn’t save any more. 2 of them made 10 stories.


:eyes: 10 stories! That are really ancient skyscrapers.


Ok those towers are amazing, especially the circular one.

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So I was putting together some buidings and founds I needed to add extra ladders.

Building design looks like this:

And the following extra ladders are needed to complete:


I have also decided to include a link to the template I built using this:


Ah, ladder engineering. I imagine we’ll have to use ladders to finish things for quite a while. There is good news, however: ladder engineering’s importance seems to have gotten lower for slab and/or multi-story buildings, and I imagine future alphas will decrease the amount of ladders that have to be used further. Still, I don’t know why you need ladders for a single-story building - a scaffolding bug, perhaps?


While this is a bug, here is a nice place for this feedback.

Let’s hope @sdee hears you.

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This one shape

looks simple but error-prone.

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Tossing another one:

These buildings are pretty, but not much buildable…

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I dont know if a simple thread exist for show all the simple construction error.

But if you can manage this simple construction… :


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Another but only edge on 3 side
(1 good on 7 try.)