Bugs Relese 2143 x64


i know there will be an new relase in some hour but here are some nice pics for bugs xD perhaps it comes handy later xD

1- if you aboard an building and there are holes you cant use the space anymore until you fill the holes (but no grass so i fill it with floor) - and then you get buildingerror (redline) but they build it xD but they didnt dig the old out they hammer the new floor over it and now its shine yellow ^^

2- at this building i have changed the flooring in the template and they dont want to build it ^^ BUT they set the items -.- you cant remove them (menü dissaper - fourth picture) until you set a new floor (but they will get the little ladders in xD)

3- itssss magic! like you can see the house are building without any person!

the resolution: slice was active but not shown ^^ soooo you cant see the persons :wink:

4- issue with pathfinding - they get an item runs to the mine think OHHH i have already something in my hands and then they do the task with the item xD

5- same issue like last build - when somewhere dies in the party you cant remove him + the party dont work anymore and get an error when you disband them

last but not least - i set my workshop - woohooops i have set it on my foot and cant walk anymore xD

and this are some errors i get without knowing why xD

have a nice night (here is it 1am xD)

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so i have found an new one^^ the keybinding in the craftermenü - if you set the amount manually it use the numbers for the menü in the background also :wink: