(BUG) Workshop stopped functioning/ Deleting workshop = loss of Citizens tab view

I have got a problem with my Weaver’s workshop. It got a crash (noob me, clicked it away) and then decided to stop functioning. I lost all active recipes (assignments). I can no longer add, and therefore remove recipes to craft to the workshop.
I have a save at this point in time after the error message, but before anything else.
I have tried:

  • reloading UI (F5).
  • deleting workshop (will get to that shortly).
  • saving and loading the game.
  • saving exiting and then loading the game.

No results, as noticeable by me writing this post here.
After deleting I get into another problem, that is, being unable to view the number of, and anything shown on the Citizens screen.

I do not run any mods (addon’s) or special things. I am running on the latest release on Steam (no team beta version).
I run on a 4 year old BOYC PC with Win7 and latest drivers/Direct X.