(BUG)Deleting Stack of Stone Bricks and Weaver Workshop

I was trying to delete the Stack of Stone Bricks near my Weaver Workshop when I accidently delete my Weaver Workshop. I went to look at my Citizen Page and all my citizens aren’t displayed. I show them on my town and they are doing everything normal but when I go to my Citizen page the page itself doesn’t display no people. So I cant Promote ect.


Update I loaded a previous saved game and the page of the Citizens is working properly.

Blank citizen pages seem to be a long-running issue. I found it happening in 10.5-3, also after deleting a workshop, here:

And I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere else as well, but I can’t find any other reports. [Paging @8BitCrab.]

Also, what version of the game are you using? Steam or Humble Bundle? If you’re using Steam, are you playing on the stable or on the latest branch?

I am using Steam the latest version 10.5.10 (X64)

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I believe that it was fixed for Alpha 11:

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