Bug: Ladders in r180 = Invincible Stockades

Alpha 7’s a lot of fun, but the ladders…
What happened before:

  • I placed a wall lantern one block off the ground on a cliff face.
  • A male Hearthling, carrying a hunk of stone, built a 2-block ladder a block out from the cliff.
  • A female Hearthling carried the lantern and placed it from the ground.

Expected results:

  • The male Hearthling would come down the ladder and remove it.

Actual results:

  • The male Hearthling froze inside the ladder with his arms out, in a manner not unsimilar to someone put in a stockade. [I had to clip through the cliff face to take this picture.]
  • After eventually being freed [I didn’t witness this, sorry], the ladder could not be removed. It’s not just that nobody would come to remove it - there was literally no button to remove it.

I also had the cannot-be-removed problem with another ladder I used to place and remove a couple lanterns.

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That is really strange :open_mouth: I haven’t personally experienced this, but I can’t imagine why it would happen!

Although it does make a good discipline system now that I think about it.

I ran into several issues after a while as well. Lanterns wouldn’t place on walls and old ladders sometimes got stuck in place and I couldn’t remove them. Didn’t try to duplicate it though.