Ladder galore! (not removed after building)

Ladders in plenty, and not being removed.

Trying to build houses with the custom builder. Hearthlings wasting a lot of wood building unused ladders, and dont remove them when they are done. They sometimes leave ladders behind when using the builder aswell. Reloading the save made them remove some of the ladders, but there are still plenty of them left on the buildings.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make custom house.
  2. Watch the ladder galore happen.
  3. Laugh, and take a screenshot (mandatory step)

Expected Results:
Removing all ladders when build is complete.
Not spending all my wood on unused ladders.

I’ve attached my most recent save file. When I reloade this save they remove some of the ladders. Also building the small unbuilt “dog house” gives the same resault.

metadata - Kopi.txt (345 Bytes)
Not sure what file you need so let me know if it is the wrong one :stuck_out_tongue:

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth 472 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 7 Home premium | Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3,40GHz | 8GB system memory | NAVIDA GeForce GTX 560


never seen Hearthlings go ladder happy
that is actually funny

Reloading fixes this for me xd but can confirm xd

Only partly fix for me. Still leave some ladders behind, some of them are even inside the wall lol

None of them are ladders placed by me.

Also they dont want to build the front door overhang supports.

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Paging @Ponder, seem to be some strange building issues…

This looks like it might be still occurring to a smaller extent in ver 2697 when using the building designer.
Below is the complete bug report with reproduction steps.

Title: Ladders get stuck in built houses with certain roof configurations

Summary: After finishing a house, ladders built to finish the house get stuck and are not removed until after a save/load cycle.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build an ‘L’ shaped house where the roof intersects the wall as seen below (using different materials for the wall and roof may be required to reproduce, eg. wooded walls with a stone roof)
  2. Have the workers build the house
  3. Notice that once the roof is complete, workers construct ‘temporary’ ladders to reach the last few wall blocks that were not placed yet.

Expected Results: The workers complete the house and remove the temp ladders

Actual Results: The workers complete the house but leave the temp ladders in place

Notes: Immediately after a save/load the workers seem to deconstruct the ladders


Versions and Mods: develop-2697

System Information: Windows 10 64-bit

Sorry for my bad English


I got a lot of indistructible Ladders which stuck in my building, if i try to build buildings with
the block by block function

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a custom building with the stone by stone function and with overhang
  2. see tons of ladders while building (is ok, creepy but ok)
  3. see that, your hertlings build stones over the ladder, and disable the possibility to remove the ladder

Expected Results:

no Ladders, after finishing the building

Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:
Version: DEVELOP-2807 (x64).

Mods: No mods in use.

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hum haven’t seen this yet in a14
@Ponder would be the one to page about this one

I thought it was fixed already :astonished:

Hey there @Spiro, welcome to the Discourse! No worries about your English, it is just fine!

While it appears that your buildings complete, I would argue that these are “buildings your hearthlings cannot build” as building included the removal of scaffolding and ladders. Do you by chance have any of these buildings saved as templates, or are you able to re-enter the building UI to save them? If so, @sdee and the devs are currently looking for buildings that don’t complete over in the thread I have linked below, and I am sure they would appreciate these templates! Instructions can be found in the linked post, but if you need any help do not hesitate to ask!

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As I said the building is not very nice looking with so many ladders. Here is an example

And how it looks after the building is complete:

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its a known bug. the Hearthlings go ladder happy
poking @Relyss

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