Ladders remain after building is complete, cannot remove ladders

Summary: I’ve built the Blacksmith’s House. It completed building, but there are 4-6 ladders remaining. Some on the front roof and one that goes up to one of the windows in the back. I cannot remove the ladders as there is no ‘remove’ button when I select the ladders. The building says it has completed successfully.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. build blacksmith’s house from template, adding a single comfy bed, top floor, back of house farthest from the door
  2. let it build to completion

Expected Results:
completed blacksmith’s house with no scaffolding or ladders

Actual Results:
completed blacksmith’s house with several ladders (not scaffolding though)


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 17, release-610

System Information:
windows 10, radeon r9 380

common issue which I am waiting for a better solution myself. But It seems to have been improved a lot already from the impression I get.

Meanwhile, try these workarounds (if you don’t already know them that is). at least it may help you play more before the devs can try to improve things.

  1. save the game in a different slot. exit the game and reload the game. the hearthlings may proceed to remove the remaining scaffolding and ladder.

  2. if above don’t work, select the offending scaffolding/ladder, open console (control+c), enter “destroy”.

  3. If 2 gives problem, the only way out is to reload an even earlier save game before you start the building construction (recommended to keep one before you build anything) and build again. If the problem is not with the building design, it may not happen the second time.

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I wonder if they are trying to reach those ladders on top of the roof first, and since they can’t (they need another ladder to get to the roof), they won’t even try to remove the ladder at the back, as if it was on another priority or something :confused:

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click on your ladder push ctrl shift and at the same time c and enter destroy

Okay, so, good news. I restarted my game today and the folks took down the ladder at the back of the house of their own volition.

The six ladders on the front, lower roof were left though, so I manually built a ladder up to the roof and the folks went and took down 4/6 ladders. I had to build two more ladders on the left and right side of the roof, up to the same block that the left- and right-most ladders were upon — then the folks took those ladders down too.

I would still say it is a bug, but a minor annoyance bug, rather than a show-stopper.

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Thanks for the tips @Dhaphy, @Relyss, and @sphr !

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