Won't stop building ladder

Title: Won’t stop building ladder

Summary: I have a ladder beside a building but I can’t remove it there is no remove icon (big red X) and my minions keep working at it. It doesn’t get any bigger and it is eating up all my lumber. I have tried to remove the building it is attached to but I can’t remove the building due to the ladder.

Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results: Would like to remove the ladder

Actual Results:



Versions and Mods: no mods

System Information:

Hey @cjsmithca, welcome to the Discourse! Looking at the screenshot, it would appear that there is still scaffolding surrounding the building as well, so has it been fully built (including windows, doors, furniture, etc.)? Can you confirm if this is a built-in template or a custom one?

Also, to delete a ladder (or anything else, for that matter), you can open the in-game console by typing ctrl + c on your keyboard, selecting the offending object, and typing destroy (followed by the enter key).

Good Evening

Thank you for the reply. The building was completed but the ladder stayed so I tried to tear the building down. the destroy command did work to get ride of the ladder.

Thank you:)

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