Dev 3010 Can't cancel removal of ladder

Build ladder
Mark ladder to be destroyed
Select ladder to change your mind
No longer a toggle to cancel / reaffirm action ( pretty sure this used to exist right guys? :disappointed_relieved: I’m not crazy?)

There is a cancel button in the harvesting/mining menu. But I’m not entirely sure that works on ladders

yeah that doesn’t work, but you can ask them to delete it again! :grinning:

There is only that delete button on ladders that you place yourself. is that one of them?

yeah thats what I mean, weren’t you able to click it again and it toggles the action to undo? I remember doing this I’m not crazy I swear :hushed:

Yea i still have that working atm. just used it. In the meantime tho you can click ctrl c (try again if it brings up hearthlling information) select the ladder and type in the box destroy and enter. that will remove it. works for enemy mobs too :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not trying to remove the ladder I’m trying to cancel the remove action :pensive:

ahh okay. go into your harvest menu and there should be a recycle looking arrow that cancels actions

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read above ^ it doesn’t work

huh that is strange. might wait then to see if a dev replies. sorry :frowning:

the problem I am having is trapping my hearthlings on the other side of walls unintentionally because I have to build and destroy ladders because you can’t currently build a solid wall, then add doors to it later and I don’t want to build steps because they are big and I can’t disable enemies from running away if I use them

also I don’t want doors connected to the outside because mobs can break them now right?

ugh wow that sounds like a pain. I havent come across that issue yet tho unfortunatly (edit: well i should say fortunatly lol). The guys here reply fast so hopefully they can come up with a solution soon. And yea the can break them. I think at the moment the “secure” door or something is the strongest. but can be taken down quite easily. Hopefully they add stronger metal reinforced doors soon maybe lol.

Edit: due to the game being in alpha i have gotten into a habit of saving the game before i make any more buildings then if its sucessfull saving it again. destroying completed buildings just stuffs everything up lol.

right now I’m just playing each new dev

i have fun with the game but to be honest its too alpha for me to continue a save, the progress I make is pretty bad due to all the bugs hampering progress. I seem to be good at messing things up :smile:

yea I create alot of new saves too XD I am just glad to see that they are always trying to fix the issues, but this is one of those games i dont mind starting over and over again lol. there are not many games like that for me.

well this game is nice in that I can queue up a ton of stuff to do then afk or alt tab and simply watch them work without having to worry about anyone dying because the AI at the earlier stage of the game is smart enough to handle themselves and I just see how far the hearthlings get on with my plans before I encounter something odd or need to give more instructions

no you are not crazy, it was in like a couple Alphas ago… Don’t know what or how it got changed… I hardly paid heed to it since I rarely cancel something like that, and just build anew…