Bug&Issue Collection 24.4 (unstable)

After Playing several Hours on the newly 24.4 (unstable) there are a few things that i like to report:

-Soldiers pick up Loot from recent fight and drop it after a few steps

-Hearthlings still dont really loot from enemies (despite crafters needing the resources like Varanus skin, broken flutes, goblin honor tokens, etc.)

-“Lucky Day” showed me a Chest with 1000 Gold coins at the end of the rainbow, but the Hearthlings never picked it up (but the ingots and gold flakes after a few realtime hours)

-Items in the world are (sometimes) not able to be marked as “loot”
e.g. when picked up from soldiers

-Hearthlings keep luttering the Place with random items from their inventory
e.g. picking up a log, droipping a basket of carrots etc.

-Despite having a well stocked supply of cooked food, Hearthlings eat raw food and complain about it (decrease of morale)

-random UI crashes (see dropboxlink)
also: UI got unresponsive in Pause-mode-> couldnt get the game to run again or speed up, reloading a save solved it, no Error Pop-Up
-Loot chestes (crypt) that got destroyed from goblins dont drop any loot

-Sheep starved to death despite Food being next to it (The field with the Sheep food was additionally occupied by a Piece of Whool, which got dropped by shearing, possiobly blocking it, See Dropboxlink)

-Shepherd (taking care of Poyos and Sheeps) was sent to catch rabbits, until he found some, the Poyos starved to death, while he catched new poyos, the Sheep starved, while he searched for new sheeps, the rabbits…and so on…
Solution was to employ another Shepherd, but the Job-Priorities should be checked again

-When Storm or Blizzard happened, a lot of Hearthlings get hit by lightning 3-5 normally…(feels like Overkill)
Also the Combat music starts playing, which is really irritating

-When a Hearthling has more than 4 Buffs, the 5th clips out of the screen
(left down Corner)

Overall: the GAme gets more laggy after
about 10-30 minutes, which gets resolved by restarting the Game

Prozessor Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3201 MHz, 4 Core
AMD Radeon R9 380


Savegame: Dropbox - Link not found
Other ErrorReports: Dropbox - Bugreports - Simplify your life

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I thought soldiers picking up loot was actually a welcome change. By picking it up they are essentially claiming it as yours so it sort of auto marks it for collection that’s why you can’t mark it as “loot” after they pick it up…it’s already yours.

I also don’t think you’re supposed to get loot from chests (crypts) destroyed by other factions. Just like you don’t get loot from mobs destroyed by other factions. Wasn’t your victory, nor your reward.

Fair Points, maybe i’Ve played to much games with leveled Lists for Loot^^

but the Point with the soldiers persists in my Opinion, as it may count toward the Towns Inventory without enabling to manage it
if the Soldiers even pick it up, i think it would make sense for them to carry it home, especially if they’re not send anywhere after the fight, but walking home peacefully

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Oh yeah would definitely be helpful if they’d bring it back with them. After battles I turn off their jobs so they’ll start hauling. If they’re not hungry or sleepy they’ll usually grab the nearest thing and haul it back to town. Requires a bit of micro, but you can already get em to do that in a fashion.

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The major bug I have found in Unstable 24 is hearthlings starting buildings but not finishing them.
I have tried building in a variety of spots and nothing works. My last attempt was with no mods, using Ascendancy prefab buildings in the middle of a plot of empty land that had at least 8 squares of empty space all around it (no mountains, no water, no trees, completely empty). They start to build and as soon as they put up two columns they stop. Additionally, when I use the IB cheat, the hearthlings ignore the building. They will not sleep in the beds of the shared living quarters and they will not eat in the dinning hall (these are the two buildings I tried several times to get them to build and use when they would not finish and use my custom buildings. The bug screen comes up alot in this build from things it never did before like putting blocks down next to an already built wall, or loading a game. Those are the bugs I’ve found so far and have reverted back to the stable game for now because if you can’t build and use buildings you can’t progress. While I’m here though here are some comments and suggestions regarding both the current stable and unstable games. Lightening hitting hearthlings does not add anything to the game. Hearthlings work outside, farming, trapping, patrolling, and gathering materials. It would be one thing if someone was struck on occasion while in a bunch of trees, but to be in a clearing and have multiple hearthlings get zapped multiple times on day one with no cleric is pointless. Also, what is meant by unsheltered animals taking damage on cold days, were barns added and I missed it? Patrolling through the farm plot makes no sense. The Patrol Points mod (thank you modder) takes care of this but it should be changed in the base game. The patrol should be from one side of the camp to the other and back not walking around stepping on crops all day and getting in the farmers way. Dropping what you have in your hand to go talk to someone makes no sense. That seemed to be addressed in unstable 24 but want to bring it up just in case. Mining placement in unstable 24 is much harder than stable 23. You have to keep your eye on miners to make sure you didn’t accidentally make them dig themselves into hole which they don’t have the capacity to put down a ladder to get out of. I do not have this problem when tunneling vertically in the previous stable versions. I think the base game should add armor sets for archers and clerics. It would be nice if some of the other professions like carpenter and mason had more distinctive outfits as well especially as they get more skilled. Speaking of the carpenter, all carpenter items regardless of quality should be usable when building structures if the correct item was crafted. It is extremely frustrating and wasteful to have to keeping queueing up a window frame just because a blue tier one is crafted instead of a grey tier one. In fact a higher quality window frame should be preferred not ignored by builders. The roofs on the RC houses should be closed or the “upset because I slept outside” feeling should be turned off for RCs. Hearthlings that choose to sleep in a bed that just happens to be outside when there is an indoor bed available to them should not complain about sleeping outside. What is the purpose of a hearthling complaining about eating a raw food diet on the one hand but a tasty meal on the other? How come hearthlings have to wait for a cook to get a warm meal anyway? They have a camp fire why can’t they roast veggies from the farm and meat from the trapper? You could make the “penalty” them stopping work to cook themselves some food thereby reducing productivity and thereby still making the cook needed and relevant while at the same time inviting another play style. Cave living should be more viable. Why can’t the hearthlings make hobbit homes or earthships if they want to without taking major hits town value? I will end this post by stating things I like. The game over all has been quite pleasurable. I like the community building aspect. I like the professions and both their synergies and dependencies on the Acendency side, less so on the R.C side. I like how more responsive the hearthlings are in unstable 24 with regards to priorities of work.

The older builder is going to be removed soon, so they’re probably not going to devote any time to fixing this. They’re working on porting the templates over to the new builder, but in the meantime just make sure you’re using the new builder, whether you’re using your own new templates, downloading others’, or making buildings from scratch.

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Thank you. That worked. Still a lot of game crashes though.