Bug: [develop 2477 Early Alpha 11] Beds placed outside are sellable, destroying a hearthling who is sleeping on it

In develop 2477 (x64), beds placed outside appear as sellable when a merchant comes to visit.

It just so happens that you can also sell a bed while a hearthling is actively sleeping in it.

It also just so happens that this results in your hearthling being destroyed. I am sorry to say I fear I have sold my carpenter, tool and all.

Quite tragic, really.


it appears that slave trading has sneaked its way into stonehearth :laughing:

edit: oh boy, where are my manners! welcome to the discourse @unholycow :smile:


To add to it, the system miscount the amount of item you have and when you try to place it it would just move around the stuff that you have already deployed to the new location.

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This is a great bug… I mean terrible, those poor hearthlings. :smile:


Not as tragic, but I sold the window frames out of a completed house due to this bug, thought they were extras in the stockpile.

Seems that the town/‘sell to merchant’ inventory is not excluding built/placed items properly.

Can confirm, stock levels dont respect placed items.

Gotta be a rude awakening…

this also has effect on the maintain option from the crafters