Ability to dedicate hearthlings to a bed?

Ok, so when i`m building houses for the hearthlings i have a small “problem” getting the right hearthlings in that bed for that house, so the option to dedicate a hearthling to a bed would be a great feature.

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This good idea has been suggested before. The mods will probably merge this wit\h other suggestion threads on the same topic: Mod suggestion home setting.

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Thx for the reply and the info on this, i look forwards to see this in the game for the next couple updates.

i think they will add to the game later on i hope :smiley:

This is a game that they are working on implementing, and I believe it is up on the dev Trello board.

This feature was in the game at one point, but they removed it because it didn’t work correctly, if I remember correctly.

this would be a great addition to the game for rp sake, my blacksmith with sleep at the blacksmith shop ect…