Backpack issues.. and other issues

its true that when collecting things they use their backpacks but when i asked a carpenter, mason and my blacksmith to build something that needs quite some resources they just ignore their backpacks and just carry it one at a time, even when building and constructing they never use their backpacks, even if they had stones on their bags they still go to a storage lot and pick up a stone then go build… a lot of things i want to address that i hope will be fixed on the next update…

also its annoying how my carpenter and other job related hearthlings just drop every thing that they just build , and just let others pick them up…

last is selling items… at A10.5 i can sell anything i dont currently use on any traders like beds, chairs and other stuffs but now even if the bed is placed inside the house i could still ACCIDENTALLY sell it if i dont count and recount all the beds i had in each houses… haiz

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I would also like to add that when you order a hearthling to “Undeploy” a work station, they keep it in their backpack and have no way of placing it down. Furthermore, the crafters can’t craft anything and they can’t make themselves a new workstation. =(

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