Bug analysis (I expect this might get merged)

Alright, here is my analysis of a few common bugs. This is referencing bugs that have certainly been mentioned thus far, so I wouldn’t be shocked if the almighty @Geoffers747 or @SteveAdamo decide to merge this somewhere else.

So one thing I noticed when playing is that a number of bugs seem to be directionally oriented, little things like the direction of plates when eating, they only end up behind the chairs on specific sides of the table, which always seems to be relative to the direction of the flag. I think it was plates were always on the flag facing side of the settlers, regardless of the direction they faced. Think of it as a compass, the flag faces north, plates always are on the south side (unless the chairs point east-west, in which case I think they stayed in front). The same was true for beds, settlers always laid north-south (again referencing the initial flag) even if the beds were facing east-west. Which resulted in some funny images of settlers sleeping with their head and feet both off the sides, instead of at the ends.

Not sure if any of that is helpful at all, but I figured understanding a bug helps to eliminate it, right?

Oh, and one more thing I noticed, which came to mind after reading the last blog post, In which @sdee mentioned the inability to complete roofs. I think the settlers might “think” that the roofs are already there. I noticed that for houses that had been left unfinished, you can’t click on the ground inside to place or select objects. Noticed this when trying to put a carpenter in a half finished building that my settlers had given up on, it wouldn’t let me untill I looked through the door to do it. And then once it was in there, I couldn’t select the workbench through the space the roof should be either, still had to angle it to reach through the door.

thanks @CableX17… this seems more like suggestions/first impressions than a formal bug report though… however, it got me thinking of adding another poll over on curse…

we have one running for requested features, and @sdee had jokingly suggested a poll on most annoying bugs… well… why not? :smile:

Very nice to see some people going so far as to consider what might be causing each bug to happen, I’m sure Radiant really wouldn’t mind other people racking their brains, as I’m sure they might have to for some of the more bizarre bugs. Found the explanation for the roofs very interesting too.

@SteveAdamo, if I ever go onto Curse, I would definitely take part in that poll. I think I could bet that Tony would be voting right up as most annoying bug the one where people start just dropping and picking things up, as Tom said that it is a pathfinding bug that touches everything, and is therefore going to be a bit of a nightmare for Tony. I personally really want roofs. :stuck_out_tongue: